Turning Covid-19 into an opportunity in production.

In the moments when we started to live by learning about the fight against the epidemic that affects the whole world globally, we had a lot of time to think in order to get out of this situation with the least damage. Although the bad aspects of this situation affected everyone a lot, it gave us the opportunity to spend time generously on renewal, planning, developing new products and stock production in terms of benefit.


We made the negative period a bit positive for our company with our new products, strong stock preparation, more R&D and more efficient use of resources.


We wish to have healthy days as soon as possible for the whole world.

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New product electric unit

We are proud to introduce to you our new product, the electric hydraulic power unit, which is the result of blending customer needs analysis with our long years of experience, which we have stepped into R&D studies in order to meet the increasing demand of the market.

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Hannover fair file

Adopting the importance of export as an indicator of quality, 700 bar always keeps international fairs in a separate category. As we participate in domestic fairs, we also continue to participate in international fairs.

Our company has previously participated in Dubai Big 5 and Germany Hannover Messe as a participant and continues to be. Only 700 bar, which deals with international fairs in a separate bracket, has taken it upon itself to measure the production quality, closely monitor what is happening in the markets in the sectoral sense, and make observations to become a higher level brand. Always open to analysis, measurement, comparison, development and innovations, 700 bar brings you together by constantly putting its knowledge on it.



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