Single Acting, Load Return, Lock Nut, Tilting Saddle, Low Profile Cylinders

Capacity (tons)
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Technical Data

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General Features

• LNL Cylinder groups with their low profile are used in confined regions and applications where load lifting is required.
• LNL series is low in weight compared to similar cylinders.
• LNL series are used in bridges, bridge roads, steel structures, shipbuilding and similar applications where safe load holding over a long period of time is required.
• After the full rise of piston, Lock-Nut is fastened on the cylinder surface thereby ensures safe load holding over a long period.
• When lock-Nut is fastened to cylinder surface provides a safe working environment below the load.
• Cylinder, hose and pump mounting becomes simple with quick couplings.
• Removable Hardened Saddle, produced out of abrasion-resistant steel, protects its plunger from being damaged by abrasive surface contact and extends cylinder life.
• The integrated removable saddle provides the opportunity of working on surfaces inclined up to 5 degrees.
• Specially plated plunger and barrel ensure extended life cycle.
• Corrosion-resistant acrylic undercoat and topcoat paint are applied.

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