Single Acting, Spring Return, Hollow Cylinders  

Capacity (tons)
Stroke (mm)

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Technical Data

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General Features

  • HCS Cylinder groups are used in testing, pulling, stretching, and lifting applications.
  • Plunger Return Spring in all single-acting models prompts retraction of piston thus cylinder retracts to its closed position.
  • Cylinder, hose and pump mounting becomes simple with quick couplings.
  • Removable Hardened Saddle, produced out of abrasion-resistant steel, protects its plunger from being damaged by abrasive surface contact and extends cylinder life.
  • Removable Hardened Saddles are supplied considering the operation conditions of use either in hollow or one-piece form.
  • Also, it is possible to utilize as a press when mounted over a body from its throat thread.
  • Lower mounting holes permit easy fixturing in which pulling apparatuses could also be mounted.
  • Corrosion-resistant acrylic undercoat and topcoat paint are applied.

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