ANÇAĞSAN aims to balance the perceived quality with the actual quality while pursue on design and planning, process management and continuous improvement within the scope of customer oriented ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system.

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Usage Areas

Where are the products we manufacture used?
Anca 700 Bar products, which act and will act in line with the goal of maximizing manpower and labor savings today and in the future, and provide maximum efficiency in a short time, have a wide range of uses.


Some of those :

-Bored Pile Systems
-Bridge Constructions
-Concrete and Other Test Equipment Applications
-Shipyard Applications
-Ship Lifting Applications
-Steel Construction Factories
-Cement Factories
-Wind Rose Ground Balance Applications
-Thermal Power Plants
-All General Heavy and Light Industry Services
-Construction Machinery Maintenance and Repair Services
-Rail Systems Maintenance and Repair Equipment
-Defense industry
-Search and Rescue Activities

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After Sales Service

In order to meet the expectations of our customers and to provide a service that exceeds their expectations, we have not only design and production, we have also technical support and service. We provide free delivery, installation, initial application and training services in project applications. However, we give 2 years warranty to our 700 Bar Products. We are here to help identify and solve any problems that may arise after the sale of our products and during the use of all 700 bar products in the market.

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Safety Instructions

Safe instructions for correct, easy and safe use of the system operation are listed. Safety instructions and warnings must be read and followed before the products are used. Safety glasses, protective gloves and safety shoes have to be used during application. All hydraulic equipment should be used by authorized personnel only. Parts of the devices must not be replaced. The correctness of the installation should be checked before it is used. When choosing a cylinder, one with a capacity at least 25% higher than the weight of the load to be lifted should be preferred. ANÇAĞSAN is not responsible for any damage or accidents that may occur if the necessary safety measures are not taken or the instructions are not followed. You can contact our technical team for information or to discuss before implementation.

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