Electrical Hydraulic Power Unit

Technical Data

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General features

An ergonomic product designed by prioritizing ease of use.
220V or 380V Options are available.
A control panel being in-line with the oil connectors enables the lifting process to be observed by operators.
Sudden intervention is possible with the EMERGENCY STOP button on its command panel.
All actions of unit (electricity/pressure/oil quantity) are possible to be monitored from the panel with ease.
A gain of its oil quantity indicator, undesired situations like damage occurrence on the motor, are prevented concurrently lack of oil is noticed.
Duplex tank filler cap sweeps away the necessity of cap replacement before carrying or operating.
Since its 4-ways distributor valve can be mounted on the unit, it is possible to operate four cylinders simultaneously without any extra equipment.
All equipment located in a single region provides an advantage in terms of use.
Its pressure relief valve prevents pressure from to exceed 700 bars.
Its pressure adjustment valve provides the opportunity of operating at any desired pressure in the range of 0-700 Bar is provided.
Its protection cage reduces the possibility of harm in case of overturnings.
Being used stationary or mobile with its optional transportation trolley accessory with a division that tools could be kept.
The unit with its oil tank filled is sent ready for use without any additional equipment.

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