Single Acting, Double Speed, 1,8 Lt

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General features

In this series of hand pumps with single speed, double speed, single acting, double acting use from 0.5 up to 10.5 liter is provided.
• The pump body is made of high strength aluminium.
• Its lightweight, practical, economical and convenient.
• ACP models with its double acting piston could be operated in double speed and variable flow.
• ATP models offer an economical solution in cases where rare use or small volume cylinders are involved.
• Piston of pump with a special coating technique applied is resistant to abrasion/corrosion assures high durability and lasts long.
• In ACP models, the manometer is supplied with the pump. In ATP models, manometer is included upon request.
• Pump’s pressure relief valve provides safe use by redirecting the oil to its tank at the pressures exceedings 700 bars.
• The pump’s arm could be used in carrying from its lock apparatus.
• Turning the air plug on the oil filler cap 1-2 times during use provides an air exchange between pump’s tank and its environment, thus prohibits inner air to be jammed. Also, when turning off prevents oil leakag.
• Diverter valve (YV-01) attached to ACP models enables doubleacting use.
• Both pump alternatives could be fixed to its desired location via bottom connection holes.

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